What are funeral plans and why should you consider getting one?

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10th January 2019
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Making arrangements in advance can help you prevent any financial or organisational worries when the time comes. Coming to terms with the loss and the inevitable adjustments that have to be made are difficult enough, without the impact of arranging and paying for the funeral. We know it can be hard when losing a loved one, it can be one of the most difficult things you can face in life. Yet, with the cost of a typical funeral in the UK now at £4,271 according to the latest Sunlife report, unless you have a funeral plan in place to help with those costs, your predicament could potentially become so much harder.
Funeral plan basics An Empathy prepaid funeral plan is actually very simple. It is a way of arranging and paying for your funeral in advance at today’s prices; this way you will get to decide on the funeral you desire and the price you pay. When you pass, your family just make one phone call and Empathy will take care of everything as detailed in the plan. Your wishes, your way. What are the main advantages of taking out a funeral plan? There are two main benefits to taking out a pre-paid funeral plan. Firstly, Empathy fix the cost of the plan at today’s prices so in the future you avoid inflation. This will mean that there will be nothing more for your family to pay for the services guaranteed in the plan, no matter when it is in the future. Secondly, and perhaps the most important element, your family won’t have to worry about arranging the funeral and making difficult decisions like choosing music, or what type of celebration you wished for, as everything will be done for them. What points should I remember about a funeral plan? You will seldom find two funerals the same, what they cover and the level of celebration might vary considerably.   Empathy have a number of plans and options for you to choose from. You can view all Empathy plans by clicking here. All plans will cover the cost of the funeral directors services as listed in the plan which includes things like the use of the chapel of rest, care of the deceased, their services on the day and of course the coffin. Looking to discuss a pre-paid funeral plan? Speak to a member of our helpful friendly team today. For our Sales Team: Tel: 0800 612 92 23 Email: info@