Should you explore pre-paid plans for your funeral?

Pre-Paid Funeral Plan Guide
23rd January 2020
Why is it important to consider planning for your funeral in advance?
29th January 2020
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Planning your own funeral is a practical approach in which you alleviate your family members of the burden of funeral arrangements and the expenses associated with the funeral activities. The whole concept of prepaid funeral plan is based on the premise that a person will be able to pay for the funeral costs in advance and decide upon the funeral activities based on their wishes. Apart from the peace of mind that the family members won’t be burdened in the time of sorrow and grief, it also allows the purchaser to pay for the funeral expenses at current rates, thereby providing significant savings on the cost escalation of funeral expenses when the actual time comes. However, selection of a prepaid funeral plan from a service provider is a matter of discretion of the purchaser and should be carried out after a thorough due diligence. Many people may worry that the amount paid towards the prepaid funeral expenses might not be actually utilized for the said purpose.
Nevertheless, a reputed funeral service provider can provide the assurance to the purchaser that his or her last journey will be carried out as per the agreement entered into by purchasing the specific prepaid funeral plan. We can help you in removing this concern as our funeral fund is not held by Empathy Funeral Plans but is placed in an Independent Trust Fund, which is managed by a Fund Manager, who is regulated by the FCA and is overseen by Independent Trustees. You just need to specify the ‘Funeral Organiser’ and advise them of your Empathy UK Funeral Plan and you can be rest assured that one call or email will be all it takes to set your plan in action. At Empathy UK Prepaid Funeral Plan, we can provide you the confidence that that you have removed a huge financial and emotional burden from your family and loved ones.