Do not ignore the benefits of funeral planning

Have you protected your family against your funeral expenses?
4th March 2020
Remove your worries with pre-paid funeral plans with Empathy UK Funeral Plans
4th March 2020
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If you think you do not need to plan for your funeral, then you need to think again.! The burden of arranging and paying for your funeral falls upon your family members after your demise and this may put stress on them, especially if they are already constrained on their finances. A key statistic that you need to consider is that over 1 million people in UK alone have opted for funeral planning by purchasing pre-paid funeral plans. Another key statistic that you need to consider is that the funeral costs are rising consistently and in the current scenario, the basic cost of funeral is £4,271 which is expected to rise to £5,120 by 2023. These facts present a compelling reason to plan for your funeral in advance. One way for doing this is by purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan which allows you to select the activities that you want to be carried out in your funeral by paying for them in advance In essence, the funeral service provider commits to carry out the funeral activities and remove the administrative and financial burden from your family members. This allows you to take control of your future with certainty and you can be assured that all your funeral related activities will be taken care of when the time comes.
At Empathy UK Funeral Plans, we provide a range of pre-paid funeral plans which are designed to meet your funeral wishes. Whether you want your funeral to be a simple one or whether you want to include religious rituals as part of your funeral, we can assist you with your requirements so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. In addition, our flexible payment option also reduces the burden of paying the full amount at a time. Considering all these, you can reach out to Empathy UK Funeral Plans for one stop solution for your funeral requirements.