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What is a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

An Empathy UK Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is a sensible and simple approach to take care of funeral arrangements in advance. It allows you to take control of the future with certainty and peace of mind that your wishes will be taken care of, removing the strain of difficult decisions from your family.

In a recent report, only 1% of those surveyed knew what the deceased’s funeral wishes were and almost 1 in 5 (18%) said they didn’t know any of their loved ones wishes when organising a funeral*.

Why should I arrange a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

It’s a fact; the average cost of arranging a funeral is rapidly rising.

According to the ‘SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2018’ the current average cost of a basic funeral in the UK is £4271. Five years ago that number was £3456 and the figure is projected to rise at the same rate over the next five years, reaching £5120 by 2023.

Fixed Price Funeral Plans

Empathy UK Funeral Plans offer a choice of 5 Fixed Price Plans with different levels of funeral arrangements to suit your personal preferences and budget. You are not limited to these options however, we can design a Plan to fit your wishes. Please call our professional team for some free, no obligation advice on 0800 488 07 53.
Guaranteed Services Direct Cremation Essential Essential Plus Elite Exclusive
Regular Price £1900 £3150 £3495 £3850 £4395
10% Discounted Price £1710 £2835 £3145 £3465 £3955
Confidential advice and guidance on all aspects of the funeral.
Guidance on the registration of the death and collection of all necessary
paperwork for the funeral to proceed.
Care and preparation of the deceased.
24 hour transport of the deceased to the nominated Funeral Director's
premises within a 25 mile radius, excluding ferry or air fares.
Coffin for cremation or burial. Basic Coffin Basic Coffin Basic Coffin Wood Effect Quality Wood
Flexible plans, if you move home your plan moves with you, at no extra cost.
Visit to the chapel of rest any time by agreed appointment. Normal Office Hours Normal Office Hours Normal Office Hours Normal Office Hours
Funeral Director, hearse and staff.
Nationwide network of trusted Funeral Directors.
Provision of a Limousine None None One Two
Funeral procession from home to funeral service location. Directly to the crematorium or burial site from funeral home only Directly to the crematorium or burial site
Time and date of Funeral mutually agreed (during normal working hours). Restricted days & time
For a cremation funeral: Cremation fee (at local rates). Minister or officiants fee
(as recommended by the Church of England stipend authority).
For a burial funeral: A generous contribution is included in the Plan.
This contribution increases with the Retail Price Index (RPI) for the Plan's duration.
Please see section 3 of your Personal Application Form for the current contribution level.
Special request: Personal wishes can be recorded within the Plan
(some special requests may incur an
additional charge and may not be covered by the price guarantee).
Establish Social Media website for tributes.
Payment Options Direct Cremation Essential Essential Plus Elite Exclusive
Single Payment (these prices include 10% discount) £1710.00 £2835.00 £3145.00 £3465.00 £3955.00
12 Months Instalments (£250 deposit applies) £121.67 £215.42 £241.25 £267.92 £308.75

Payment plans available extending up to 15 years

Payment Options Direct Cremation Essential Essential Plus Elite Exclusive
Single Payment (these prices include 10% discount) £1710.00 £2835.00 £3145.00 £3465.00 £3955.00
Monthly Instalments over 5 Years (£250 deposit applies) £26.64 £47.18 £52.83 £58.67 £67.62
Monthly Instalments over 10 Years (£250 deposit applies) £14.48 £25.63 £28.71 £31.88 £36.74
Monthly Instalments over 15 Years (£250 deposit applies) £10.42 £18.45 £20.67 £22.95 £26.45

Monthly instalment plans over 12 months are subject to an instalment fee of 1.9% per annum.

Empathy UK Funeral Plans Customer Reviews

  • Vaughan
    You can make your plans in advance. Everything is done for you
    Blackburn Rovers Fan
  • Mrs Dearn, Cheshire
    Very friendly staff, who went through everything with me. They were able to answer questions I had in a professional and clear manner. They always go the extra mile.
    Mrs Dearn, Cheshire
  • Mr Barrett, North Yorkshire
    When I spoke to the team, they were really helpful. Everything was explained clearly and concisely. I couldn’t fault the service and that’s why I took out the Plan.
    Mr Barrett, North Yorkshire
  • Mrs Murphy, West Midlands
    The customer service levels were phenomenal, they were completely understanding of my needs and everything that I asked for.
    Mrs Murphy, West Midlands

Frequently Asked Questions

1Why take out an Empathy UK Funeral Plan?
Empathy UK Funeral Plans offer the best value for money and best service in the marketplace.
2Are there any age restrictions?
Empathy UK Funeral Plans re available to all people over the age of 18 years. There are no upper age limits.
3Will I need to have a medical?
No, there is no medical required, any pre-existing medical conditions are not taken into account.
4How will the Plan be activated upon the Planholder passing away?
It is important to nominate a ‘Funeral Organiser’ and advise them of your Empathy UK Funeral Plan. We provide a ‘Funeral Organisers Pack’ within your welcome pack, which you should give to our chosen person. One call or email will be all it takes to set your Plan in action. Our advisors are on hand 24/7 to help. Our packs include cards to keep in your handbag/ wallet.
5Can I choose whether I want a burial or cremation?
Our plans include the cost of a cremation. Burial costs vary across the UK depending on whether your family owns a plot. Our Bespoke Plan has an allowance of up to £1500.00 (other Plans have £1000) towards the cost of burial. Once the Plan is activated your relatives can choose to top up the additional cost to arrange a burial and a headstone at additional cost if they wish.
6Can I pay in instalments or does it have to be in one payment?
Empathy UK Funeral Plans offers payment plans allowing you to spread payments over 12 months, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years or 15 years. All you need to pay is a deposit and the balance over equal payments. (There is no additional fee for payment plans up to 12 months). Terms beyond 12 months will include an instalment charge.
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