What is the cheapest funeral possible?

As funeral prices rise exponentially, we are often asked the question: what is the cheapest funeral possible? On average, a burial can cost around £4,500 whereas a cremation can cost around £3,250. However, as we will outline in this article, with careful consideration, a funeral can be arranged for much less than this value. Funeral directors’ fees represent well over half of the cost of a funeral. Funeral directors usually take care of all aspects of proceedings, charging for their services. However, there is no legal requirement to employ the services of a funeral director.

Five Simple Steps to a Cheap Funeral

Care of the deceased – If the deceased died at a hospital, they would have no qualms about storing the body for a reasonable amount of time. However, for someone who has died at home, a medical certificate will be required from a doctor or ambulance. In most circumstances, a body can be kept in a cool location for around a week.

Register the death – The death must be registered within five days and a medical certificate signed by the doctor will be required for this. Upon registration, a Certificate for Burial or Cremation and a Certificate of Registration of Death will be issued.

Coffin – Coffins can range in price from £100 to thousands. Since there is no legal requirement to use a coffin, a shroud is an inexpensive option.

Crematorium – Cremations cost much less than burials and you can book the cremation yourself. You will be required to complete a form termed “Authority for the disposal of cremated remains.”

Ceremony – Again, ceremonies can cost a lot of money, depending on the wishes of the deceased and the bereaved.

Empathy UK Direct Cremation Funeral Plan

Starting from as little as £12.60 per month, Empathy UK’s Direct Cremation Funeral Plan offers a cost-effective funeral.

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