Different Types of Funerals

Not so long ago, when we thought of a funeral, we imagined a very specific set of events. Today, as society continues to grow more diverse than ever, we witness a range of funerals. In this post, Empathy UK take a look at some of the types of funerals that exist today.

Faith-Based Funerals

Today, in the United Kingdom, faith-based services remain the most popular. With a Christian majority, most of these services are the traditional type, whether the deceased is cremated or buried. Other faith-based services, complete with divergent traditions and rites, have increased in the United Kingdom over recent decades. From speedy Muslim burials to Hindu cremations, a rich diversity exists today.

Humanist Ceremonies

According to official statistical data, around fourteen million people in the United Kingdom identify as having no religion. However, these doesn’t mean to say non-religious memorials are growing, but a separate trend is emerging. People are either undertaking funeral rites themselves or leaving a non-religious celebrant or officiant in charge.

Celebration of Life

In direct contrast to the sombre tone of traditional ceremonies, another stark trend has grown in recent decades. Rather than being a time for grief and sorrow, the concept of a traditional ceremony has been turned on its head. Colourful clothes, upbeat music and a celebratory atmosphere remembering the deceased with greater positivity has also emerged.

Direct Cremation

When David Bowie passed away in 2016, the icon drew the nation’s attention in a unique way. Opting for a direct cremation, there was little of the pomp and pageantry associated with a celebrity funeral. In recent years, direct cremations have become increasingly popular, with people choosing a dignified and quiet departure.

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