Eco-Friendly Funeral Plans

Eco-friendly funeral plans offer an environment-saving option for those concerned with the wellbeing of our planet. With society making leaps and bounds towards protecting the environment, eco-friendly options are available in every aspect of our lives. For the environment conscious, funeral plans are no different. In this post, we take a closer look at what options are available to you in this regard.

Is burial more eco-friendly than cremation?

When it comes to funeral plans, ultimately, the wishes of the deceased must be respected. Some considerations such as these may outweigh others like the matter of carbon footprint or environmental impact. However, to answer the question simply: yes, burial is definitely more eco-friendly than cremation. In terms of direct environmental impact, cremation requires the amount of fuel equivalent to an average 500-mile car journey. With metals, chemicals and toxins found in the body, such as from tooth fillings or replacement joints, this can further the environmental impact of the cremation process.

How eco-friendly are woodland burials?

Woodland burials are an increasingly popular and possibly the best environmentally friendly option for an eco-friendly funeral plan. Woodland burials remove the need for potentially toxic embalming agents, unsustainably sourced coffins and traditional grave markers like headstones. Also, woodland burials are designed to return your loved one’s remains to nature. As such, individual burial plots may become indistinguishable over time, but the whole area can still act as a place of solemn memorial.

What eco-friendly coffins are available?

Coffins can range widely in price. From simple cost-effective coffins to expensive coffins with fittings and decorations, they can set you back anywhere between the hundreds and the thousands of pounds. Nowadays, the cost-effective options are generally the most eco-friendly. When compiling your eco-friendly funeral plan, be sure to mention your wishes for a biodegradable coffin made from recycled paper, willow or wicker.

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