Funeral Plans: Empathy UK Answer Your Questions

At Empathy UK, we’re here to help you with each and every aspect of your funeral plans. In a regular series of posts, we will directly address some of the most common questions related to prepaid funeral plans. If you’re considering purchasing a funeral plan or you want to know more about how they work, stay tuned to our regularly updated posts!

Do I have any options for a cheap funeral, besides prepaid funeral plans?

If you want a cheap and straightforward funeral, you don’t need a funeral plan or the services of a funeral director. However, you will need to organise the various elements of a funeral yourself. This includes registering a death, managing paperwork and doctors’ certificates and arranging for the deceased’s body to be stored. Following the death of a loved one, these simple tasks can be difficult. At Empathy UK, we offer a direct cremation funeral plan, which will remove the emotional and financial stress following your loss.

Do I have to tell someone that I have a prepaid funeral plan?

It is very important that you tell someone about your funeral plan. After you die, whoever is nominated to administer your estate will be required to inform your funeral plan provider or chosen funeral director of your death. They will then arrange and pay for your funeral. If you die without passing on the details of your prepaid funeral plan, your family can still gain access to it. The Funeral Planning Authority offers a funeral plan tracing service, whereby prepaid plans can be traced. Keep a copy of your funeral wishes, as a backup for the copy you have provided your funeral plan provider.

Are there different types of funeral plans, depending on my circumstances and wishes?

At Empathy UK, we offer quotes in seconds on various levels of funeral plans. We require no health checks and also offer guaranteed approval. We offer some of the best value plans on the market, starting from just a few pence per day. With the lowest instalment fees on the market, through Empathy UK prepaid funeral plans, you can pay monthly over a duration of up to fifteen years.

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