Funeral Planning with Empathy

Frequently Asked Questions

Empathy UK Funeral Plans, whenever you need us, we are here to help.

Why take out an Empathy UK Prepaid Funeral Plan?

We offer friendly, clear advice and a simple, straight forward process, backed up with a comprehensive product that offers the best value Funeral Plan you will find. We’re so confident in our Plans that we offer the longest fee-free cancellation period on the market (33 days). This is often referred to as the ‘cooling off’ period.

Are there any age or medical restrictions?

No, our Plans are available to anyone over the age of 18 years and there are no medical requirements; we don’t take this into account, so we won’t ask you any medical history questions.

Do your Plans cover burial and cremation services?

With the exception of the Direct Cremation Plan all of our Plans provide a generous contribution of at least £1,000 towards burial fees as standard (the Exclusive Plan provides up to £1,250 in this regard). You can increase this amount when you purchase your Plan if you wish. The Direct Cremation Plan is for cremation only services, but all of our Plans fully cover cremation fees.

Are there any hidden fees or charges for changing my Plan?

No, there are no hidden charges at all. Any changes you wish to make to your Plan can be made at any time without any extra fee or charge.

Can personal touches be added now and at the time of the funeral?

You can personalise your own preferences now for song choices, readings, charitable donations, floral requests, hymns etc. At the time of the funeral additional services such as newspaper announcements or scattering of ashes can be added for an additional fee. Aspects such as horse drawn hearse, woodland burials, commemorative benches or trees etc. can be provided but only in some areas of the UK. You can amend your choices at any time by calling one of our friendly trained staff or completing and forwarding an amendments form (enclosed in your pack) or online at our secure portal.

Can I take a Plan out for someone else?

Yes, you can purchase a Plan for a relative or friend if you wish. This is a common and popular type of purchase.

Can I specify my own Funeral Director?

With our Essential Plus, Elite and Exclusive Plans, you can choose from our network of approved Funeral Directors, or you can select your preferred Funeral Director even if not on our chosen panel.

What if I move address or my contact details change?

You just need to let us know your new contact details. You can let us know in writing, by telephone on 0345 200 3218, or online using our contact form or by email to

Is my money safe?

Yes, your money is safe. Your Empathy UK Funeral Plan fund payments are paid into the ‘Empathy UK Trust’, a completely independent and secure Trust Fund set up to meet the requirements of Articles 50 and 60 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (and therefore complies with FCA regulations).

What is the purpose of The Trust Fund?

The Empathy UK Trust is set up to operate entirely independently of Empathy UK Funeral Plans Ltd. The Trust is run by a Board of Trustees who are supported by key professionals including FCA regulated fund managers and IFoA and FRC regulated actuaries, who review the Fund regularly to ensure that it is fit for purpose.

The Trustees manage the Trust funds on behalf of the Planholders. The Trust is non-profit making and it’s sole purpose is to safeguard the future provision of funeral costs. The Trust ensures your funds are protected so that sufficient resources are always immediately available, ensuring we can supply the funeral you have paid for when the time comes.

Can I pay for my Plan in instalments?

Yes, you can choose to pay for your Plan monthly by Direct Debit over a term of up to 15 years (180 monthly payments), as long as you are no older than 85 years at the end of the term. We will tailor an individual payment Plan to suit your circumstances.

If I’m paying monthly, can I top up or pay off the balance early?

Yes, you can make top up payments or balance payments at any time, there will be no extra fee or charges made for doing so.

If I’m paying monthly, will you let me know when my Plan is fully paid?

Yes, we will send you a confirmation through the post that your payment plan is complete once you have made the final payment. Please keep this letter with your paperwork.

If I can’t meet the monthly payment amount, do I need to cancel?

Not necessarily, the first thing you need to do if circumstances like this arise is call us on 0345 200 3218 – we might be able to make more suitable alternative arrangements. It is often possible to pay over a longer period, reducing monthly payments. We might also be able to offer a short payment holiday – please consult our terms and conditions.

What happens if I stop paying my monthly payment?

If you stop paying your monthly payment before your Plan is fully paid, it may still be possible for us to carry out the services covered under your Plan and the balance will be requested from your Nominated Funeral Organiser. If this happens, please consult our terms & conditions.

Can I pay for my Plan up front in a single payment?

Yes, you can pay for your Plan in a single payment up front if you wish. You can also pay a deposit, followed by a single balance payment.

How do I make sure that my Plan is activated upon death?

It is important that you nominate a ‘Funeral Organiser’ and tell them about your Empathy UK Funeral Plan. Your Planholder Documents pack contains a Nominated Funeral Organisers Pack, which you should give to your nominated individual. One call or email is all it then takes to set your Plan into action. We are here and on hand to help 24/7 and your Pack will contain handy contact cards for you to keep in your handbag or wallet.

Can I ask for my money back?

Yes, you can ask for your money back at any time. If you are still within the 33 day ‘cooling off’ period (within 33 days of paying your deposit) you can do so without incurring any cancellation fees, we’ll refund all monies paid back to you. If you have held your Plan for longer than 33 days we may charge a cancellation fee. See our Terms & Conditions

What do I do if I want to cancel my Plan?

Once you have purchased your Plan, we give you a 33 day grace period where you can take your time to read through the documentation we’ll send out so that you can be completely satisfied that our Plan is right for you. If at any point during these first 33 days you don’t wish to continue, you can cancel your Plan and we will return all funds paid to date, no questions asked, no cancellation fee. If you decide to cancel beyond this period, we will still return all funds paid to date, but may charge a cancellation fee.