After Health and Wellbeing, Financial New Year’s Resolutions are the second most popular.  If like many people you are determined to get yourself organised financially, why not consider a Prepaid Funeral Plan?  With affordable monthly payments available, setting up a Pre-paid funeral plan is an easy step to take in terms of long term financial planning.

The cost of funerals is still rising rapidly, in fact the Total Cost of Dying is now at “an all-time high of £9204” according to the SunLife Cost of Dying Report (2018).

Research undertaken by YouGov (2016) found that families very often are forced to resort to credit cards or personal loans in order to cover funeral expenses.

Arranging a Prepaid funeral plan is a simple way to save your family £1000’s and get peace of mind that they won’t be left financially burdened when the time comes.

Arrange your plan today by contacting Empathy on 0800 035 5729 to speak to our friendly team who can help you make the right decisions.

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