Funeral Plans and Burial Plots

Prepaid funeral plans tend not to provide cover for burial plots. While, in some areas, burial plots can cost just a few hundred pounds, in other locations they can cost thousands. For example, in a rural area you could expect to pay in the lower price range. However, in bigger cities, such as in some part of London, you could expect to pay more than ten thousand pounds. Thus, with the fluctuation and variation in price, burial plots tend to be beyond the scope of prepaid funeral plans. However, some funeral plans will allow spare allowance to go towards the cost of the burial plot. As a leading prepaid funeral plan provider, all Empathy UK funeral plans offer a generous contribution towards covering this cost. Moreover, with Empathy UK, this contribution increases with the retail price index (RPI), over the course of the plan. Although cremation remains the most cost-effective option, there are cost-effective ways of having a burial.

How to Save on Burial Plots

Shared Burial Plots – Traditionally, families would purchase shared burial plots in which several people can be buried. If you already own a burial plot, or are willing to share a burial plot, this is a much cheaper option. Opening a new grave within an existing burial plot costs in the hundreds, as opposed to the thousands, and is a cost-effective option.

Location – As mentioned above, burial plots in rural locations are much cheaper than burial plots in city locations. However, even though local councils can charge hundreds more for non-residents, this could work out much cheaper, particularly for London residents.

Natural or Woodland Burial – A new trend in burials, woodland burials are becoming increasingly popular. As long as you use a biodegradable coffin, you can save a considerable amount of money, while also contributing to helping sustain the environment.

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