Funeral Plans: Cremation Options

Most prepaid funeral plans offer cremation services as a standard part of the package. However, there are some cut-price funeral plans on the market which do not. Thus, when buying a prepaid funeral plan, the onus is on you to clarify this with your provider. Yet, you may be at a loss as to what to do with your loved one’s remains after cremation. In this post, Empathy UK offer you some ideas on how to keep their memory alive.

Memorial Jewellery – Thanks to advances in technology, the service of converting ashes into a piece of commemorative jewellery is now widely available to the public. Choosing from a broad range of rings, pendants, bracelets and lockets, you can keep your loved ones close to you at all times.

Memorial Fireworks – Did your loved one light up the room like no one else you’ve known? Do you remember them as the bright spark that commanded attention? Well, scatter their ashes in style by sending them out with a bang! What better way to sound their final hoorah than with a spectacular memorial firework display?

Memorial Reef – Cremated remains can be placed in stones and laid to raid on the seabed. In this way, your loved one can contribute to the permanent living legacy of the sea. With natural reefs damaged by fishing and contaminants, your loved one’s final resting place will contribute to an environment designed to help enable sea life to thrive.

Memorial Tattoos – While a tattooed homage to a loved one is commonplace, memorial tattoos offer more than a traditional tattoo. By mixing a small amount of your loved one’s cremated remains with ink, you can have a much more meaningful tribute adorning your skin.

Biodegradable Urns – As humanity takes a turn towards considering the sustaining of the environment for future generations, biodegradable urns offer a great contribution to the cause. With a seed nourished by the remains of your loved one, the biodegradable urn can become a living, growing and flourishing tribute to them.

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