Changes to Funeral Plans during Coronavirus Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic grows into a second wave, there may be some changes to funeral plans brought about by central and local government regulations. In this post, we take a look at how funerals have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and what this could mean for your prepaid funeral plan.

The government has designated all workers involved in the arranging of funeral as key workers. Thus, they must be protected from exposure to coronavirus. As a result, most funeral directors and undertakers are helping families make funeral arrangements via phone, email and video calls.

On the 25th of March, the Coronavirus Act was instituted into law. According to the act, funeral directors have been given the power to register deaths. This means that the family of the bereaved no longer have to go to the Registrar’s office.

Prior to the institution of changed legislation after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, a coroner had to be called in to investigate the cause of death, if a person hadn’t been seen by a doctor within the fourteen days prior to passing away. However, according to the latest guidelines, this period has now been extended to twenty-eight days, and include video link contact with doctors.

Some services administered by funeral directors are being withdrawn, such as limousines being used by mourners, viewings in chapel of rest and mourners carrying coffins. The impact of social distancing regulations is also affecting funeral services.

Restrictions on the number of mourners, the social distancing capacity of venues and the emergence of increased video link participation in funerals is growing. While some people are considering funerals in which there is direct cremation or burial, to limit attendance numbers, many mourners are participating by video link.

The impact of coronavirus on the funeral plans industry is subject to central government and local government ordinances. As the situation remains fluid and changing, the provision of some services may be affected.

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