Funeral Plans: More of Your Questions Answered

Can I change arrangement after I’ve purchased a funeral plan?

With some funeral plans, you are able to change arrangements and make alteration to what you require, without paying additional administrative costs. However, if you want a particular service added to your funeral plan, you will be eligible to pay for that service. In short, the onus is on you to check the terms and conditions of your funeral plan, prior to purchase. With a broad range of options on the market, the cheapest funeral plans often do not allow for amendments and changes.

Are there any comparison websites when I can compare funeral plans?

There are several comparison websites where you can compare the costs of funeral plans. One such website is However, when it comes to comparison websites, you need to be careful. Comparison websites focus on the cost of plans, rather than the services included as part of the price. So, when using comparison websites, you should take a close look at the options, scouring their terms and conditions, to ensure you are not left wanting.

Are Over-50s insurance plans the same as prepaid funeral plans?

Over-50s insurance plans are considerably different from prepaid funeral plans. While Over-50s insurance plans require you to pay a monthly cost for life, prepaid funeral plans differ. You can choose to either pay the full cost upfront, or pay in monthly instalments, towards that fixed cost. By choosing funeral plans from a provider such as Empathy UK, you can be assured that your funeral costs will be covered. Not only that, but they also offer the financial benefit of being charged at today’s prices. Taking out funeral plans today, you will save money on the rising cost of funerals and inflation. Put simply, funeral plans beat Over-50s insurance plans any day of the week.

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