Do you want to relieve the financial and administrative burden of your funeral from your loved ones? The most obvious answer is yes, and this is the main reason why there has been a significant rise in people expressing interest in purchasing pre-paid funeral plans. Pre-paid funeral plans offer a peace of mind that the agreed services will be performed when you are not around. In addition, the purchaser can “lock-in” the funeral expenses at the current rates and can avoid any increase in costs when the times comes for carrying out the funeral. Pre-paid funeral plans also offer the flexibility to customise the service offerings to include any special ritual requirement by the purchaser at a reasonable price. However, it often becomes confusing as to which pre-paid funeral service is best as per your wishes and requirements. At Empathy UK Funeral Plans, we assist our customers in selecting the best pre-paid funeral plan as per their wishes. Depending on the plan chosen by the purchasers, there are options to select preferred Funeral Directors, transport arrangements and bespoke requests regarding music choices, flowers and service.

Customers can further include customised services without having to reach out other service provider. Some of the key services offered under out different pre-paid plans include arranging all necessary funeral preparations, removal of deceased to Funeral Directors premises, establishing a social media tribute website, provision of all funeral staff, and provision of hearse, among others. At Empathy UK Funeral Plans you need not worry about the safety of your funds as they are held securely in an independent Trust Fund and therefore, you can be rest assured that the services are performed as promised in the plan and that you have removed a huge financial and emotional burden from your family and loved ones.

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