Impact of Lockdown on Funerals

A 92-year-old lady who fell victim to the coronavirus was ripped off by unscrupulous funeral directors, her family have claimed. Iris Lawley had spent £4,000 to purchase a pre-paid funeral plan. However, her final wish for an elaborate memorial was dashed by funeral directors, who cited the impact of lockdown on funerals. As a result, Iris’ were offered a meagre compensation payment of £365, after her no-frills cremation. Despite purchasing a funeral plan based on her wishes for an elaborate farewell, the simple cremation can only be attended by up to ten mourners. Furthermore, the service will be held at the crematorium at a time decided by local government officials.

Before losing her life to the dreaded disease, Iris had spent £4,000 to plan out a memorable funeral service, with a “gold” cremation plan which would feature an elegant veneer coffin, limousines, embalming and time at a chapel of rest. However, the funeral directors refused to offer the services agreed to, instead providing a small compensation payment. Iris’ daughter expressed the family’s outrage. “I’m totally disgusted with the whole scenario. I think my mum is being ripped off in death. She shelled out almost £4,000 for the gold plan in August 2017 but we’re not getting most of what she paid for. “I spoke to the Co-op and they said they’d only refund £365, which is nothing. I’m sickened by it to be honest,” Carol said.

“There are no cars now so we will have to make our way to the crematorium, while the hearse will be driven from two minutes down the road. There’ll be no embalming or dressing, and it won’t be possible for her to lay in a chapel of rest. Mum will be cremated in a sealed coffin in the same night clothes she left her care home in. We couldn’t even choose the date or time of the cremation,” Carol added.

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