Cover Your Funeral For Less Than The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee/Week.

How you can take out a Funeral Plan for just £2.28/week* – less than the price of a cup of coffee. Read on to find out more:

The cost of the average Funeral in the UK has been rising at an astronomical rate over the last decade and a half, which has seen the popularity of Prepaid Funeral Plans grow substantially over the last few years.

A typical UK Funeral currently costs around £4500, a figure that has increased by a whopping 62% over the last decade according to annual independent research undertaken by SunLife*. This rise has drawn attention from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), the government department responsible for protecting consumers from anti-competitive business activities. The CMA announced that they are conducting a full inquiry into the sector, citing concerns that Funeral Directors found it easy to charge grieving families higher prices*. Concerns that were shared by many families across the UK.

What is a Funeral Plan?

A Funeral Plan allows you to take care of and pay for your Funeral arrangements in advance. A Funeral Plan is designed to:

  • Pay for your Funeral now, at today’s prices, therefore avoiding future price rises.
  • Protect your family and loved ones by easing the financial, emotional, and organisational responsibility when the time comes.

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Plan ahead to avoid the rising cost

People in the UK are realising that Prepaid Funeral Plans offer a way to lock in the cost of a Funeral at today’s prices and therefore avoid future price rises. With a Funeral Plan in place, arrangements are taken care of in advance and not only ease the financial burden of arranging a Funeral at the time of need, but could also significantly help with the emotional responsibility that family and loved ones have to deal with too.

At the moment the UK market for Funeral Plan providers is growing and has several well-established and even more relatively new companies, so it can be a daunting task to go about finding the right Plan for you.

We have therefore taken a detailed look across the current marketplace to find what we believe are the best deal to be had. We found one Direct Cremation Plan, a type of Plan offered by an increasing number of Providers that offers a low cost, simple, no service cremation funeral. The type made famous by David Bowie in 2016. We found this deal using a comparison website, specifically My Funeral Plan Supermarket, that is available for just £9.87/month*. That works out at just £2.28 per week (less than a cup of coffee).

“Price comparison websites are excellent for consumers. They promote competition between providers, offer choice for customers, and make it easier for consumers to find the best bargains”

Michael Grenfell, CMA Executive Director for Enforcement

The internet is the best tool available when searching for the best deals and we would recommend comparison sites like My Funeral Plan Supermarket so that you don’t have to do all the legwork yourself. Comparisons sites often have access to exclusive discounts that you can also take advantage of, as an incentive to purchase through their service rather than going direct.

Comparison services like this are free to the consumer and you’re under no obligation to make any purchase after receiving quotes. You can then make your own mind up to decide what’s best for you and your loved ones.

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