Mum’s Funeral Costs Were Extortionate

In 2016, Leyla Beheshty-Zadeh suffered the loss of her mother and grandmother. Within the space of five months, she found herself having to arrange two funerals. At the time of her death, her mother had no savings, with only £3.62 in her bank account. Despite sympathetic and helpful support from local funeral directors in the Isle of Wight, where the family live, Leyla was faced with a £3,000 bill for her mother’s cremation costs. “The vulnerability you feel at this time is immense and indescribable. Where was I supposed to find money like that? I was living on carer’s allowance of £62 per week which, incidentally, I had been stripped of the moment Mum moved into a hospice. I was told to just go and get a job – I wasn’t given any time to grieve,” Leyla said.

Competition and Markets Authority Investigation

Despite the passage of time, concerns from the Competition and Markets Authority and even a full-blown expansive investigation, funeral directors still remain largely unregulated. Furthermore, since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns and social distancing restrictions will continue to have an uncertain impact on funerals and related memorial services. Meanwhile, as figures from the SunLife ‘Cost of Dying’ Report shows, a year on year increase in funeral costs is set to continue. This year’s SunLife report revealed that the average cost of a funeral has now risen to approximately £4,500, with further increases above the rate of inflation on the horizon.

A Solution: Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Pre-paid funeral plans allow you to beat the rising cost of funerals. By purchasing a funeral plan today, you are eligible to pay today’s market rates for a future funeral service. This way, you can lock the price of the services you receive, avoiding price rises imposed by unscrupulous funeral directors and unregulated inflation.

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