National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD)

The National Association of Funeral Directors, or NAFD, was established in 1905. The organisation comprises representatives from more than four thousand funeral homes, from across the country. It also brings together suppliers to the profession based in the UK and overseas as well as international funeral firms. The NAFD’s primary role is to provide support and guidance to funeral directors, funeral homes, funeral firms and the bereaved families in their care. Members of the NAFD who have been granted a lion logo kitemark of quality guarantee industry-leading professional standards. At the time of your bereavement, you can turn to an NAFD member funeral home and rest assured your loved one will get the farewell they wished for.

The NAFD is the leading body that represents funeral directors, and others in the profession, before all levels of Government. The Association acts to inform legislation, lead campaigns on issues related to funeral directors and the bereaved. Providing information to MPs, Government and the public, the NAFD is country’s leading source on all matters related to funeral plans and funerals. Working with the National Open College Network and Birmingham City University, the Association has recently contributed to recognised and accredited professional development programmes. NAFD Education offers a range of courses, training and qualifications for those already in the funeral profession and those interested in embarking on a career in it.

As an independent organisation, the NAFD is not tied down by commitments to a single funding organisation or funding body. Welcoming members from across the profession, including small family-run businesses to PLCs and co-operatives, NAFD members serve communities across the board. Between the Association’s members, a total of around 500,000 funerals are held annually. Through the employment of a robust Code of Practice and Code of Professional Standards, the National Association of Funeral Directors ensures the apt application of its principles.

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