National Grief Awareness Week

A message from Empathy UK Prepaid Funeral Plans

On the occasion of National Grief Awareness week Empathy UK would like to pay special tribute to all those in the funeral industry who have served the nation at such a critical time. Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March, funeral directors, crematoria and, of course, grieving families are among the hardest hit by the pandemic. Over the course of several lockdowns, national shutdowns and strict social distancing measures, many in the funeral industry have continued serving the public. Designated by the government as key workers, all those involved in the funeral industry have remained engaged throughout the crisis.

Despite news of a breakthrough against the virus, in the form of a mass inoculation programme, uncertainty looms large. As a prepaid funeral plan provider, Empathy UK see the prevalence of this uncertainty in its rawest form: people taking the difficult decision to consider and plan their own funeral. As we were warned by the government, early on in the crisis, grief has struck thousands of households and families across the country. And, unfortunately, it is the funeral industry which sees the most touching expressions of this. From mothers being forced to socially distance from their children at their father’s funeral to quiet and sombre memorials taking place with limited numbers, the pandemic has prevented people from grieving.

So, as part of National Grief Awareness Week, we would like to dedicate this post to those serving the bereaved and grief-stricken and those who have lost loved ones in the cruel circumstances of the current pandemic.

At Empathy UK, as part of our prepaid funeral plans, we offer bereavement support services free of charge. We also offer a free will writing service, through which you can help get even more peace of mind.

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