Need assistance with Funeral Planning – Remove your worries with Empathy UK Funeral Plans

According to a research, an average funeral costs £4,271 today and this cost is expected to rise to £5,120 by 2023. This means that unless you have done a funeral planning, the financial burden of the funeral will fall upon your family. To avoid this and ensure that your family does not bear the burden of your funeral, prepaid funeral plans offer the most convenient way to ensure that your funeral is carried out as per your wishes and at a pre-agreed price. A pre-paid funeral plan is a service offering in which you can select the services that you want to be carried at your funeral by paying the amount in advance. Apart from the peace of mind that the family members won’t be burdened in the time of sorrow and grief, it also allows the purchaser to pay for the funeral expenses at current rates, thereby providing significant savings on the cost escalation of funeral expenses when the actual time comes. There are many service providers which offer different types of fixed pre-paid funeral plans ranging from the simplest one to a more sophisticated funeral plan at higher end. However, you need to be convinced about the ability of the service provider to deliver their services when the time comes.


At Empathy UK Funeral Plans, we provide you with the assurance that your funeral requirements will be taken care of based on the plan selected by you. We offer a range of prepaid funeral plans which are adequate to meet your funeral requirements. Our standard services which is spread across all our prepaid funeral offerings include arranging the necessary funeral preparations, removal of deceased to the Funeral Director premises, preparation and care of the deceased as directed by the family members, establishing a social media tribute website, and provision of hearse, among others. To know more you can reach out to us and we will assist you with funeral planning.

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