Our Top Tips: Funeral Plans

Funeral Planning Authority

The Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) is a voluntary regulator. In the absence of government regulation, which remains distant on the horizon, this should be every consumer’s first port of call. When purchasing funeral plans, make sure the provider is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority.

All Funeral Plans Are Different

Designed to cater for a broad range of personal wishes, funeral plans come in all shapes and sizes. Accordingly, while one provider may offer a certain combination of services, other providers may not. Some packages also offer contributions to certain costs, as opposed to full coverage. When considering a funeral plan, don’t confuse different plans.

Independently Managed Trust Fund

To ensure your money is not lost and that it is available when you need it, all funeral plans providers must hold all monies in an independently administered trust, or a life insurance policy. Additionally, providers are obliged to provide you details of this, should you require.

Funeral Plan Comparison Websites

Although a range of comparison websites for funeral plans has emerged, they remain far from exhaustive. When considering purchasing a funeral plan, some good old-fashioned research will be in order. And, it may be useful to contact individual providers directly. Otherwise, you may not get the best deal available to you.

Pressure Tactics

As complaints and government investigations have shown, some firms selling funeral plans have been accused of high-pressure sales tactics. In response, reputable providers have extended cooling-off periods, allowing customers time to consider their choices, even after signing the dotted line. Be weary of high-pressure sales tactics and carefully consider all the details.

Inform Family

Funeral plans are designed for you to take control of your funeral. By planning and paying for it in advance, you can save your family considerable anguish, during their time of grief. If you take out a funeral plan, be sure to let your family know, so that they can avail its benefits in a timely manner.

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