Payment Plans extending up to 15 years available

Fixed Price Funeral Plans

Empathy UK Funeral Plans offer a choice of 5 Fixed Price Plans with different levels of funeral arrangements to suit your personal preferences and budget. You are not limited to these options however, we can design a Plan to fit your wishes. Please call our professional team for some free, no obligation advice on 0800 612 89 89.
Guaranteed Services Direct Cremation
Essential Plus
Confidential advice and guidance on all aspects of the funeral.
Guidance on the registration of the death and collection of all necessary
paperwork for the funeral to proceed.
Care and preparation of the deceased.
24 hour transport of the deceased to the nominated Funeral Director's
premises within a 25 mile radius, excluding ferry or air fares.
Coffin for cremation or burial. Basic Coffin Basic Coffin Basic Coffin Wood Effect Quality Wood
Flexible plans, if you move home your plan moves with you, at no extra cost.
Visit to the chapel of rest any time by agreed appointment. Normal Office Hours Normal Office Hours Normal Office Hours Normal Office Hours
Funeral Director, hearse and staff.
Nationwide network of trusted Funeral Directors.
Provision of a Limousine None None One Two
Funeral procession from home to funeral service location. Directly to the crematorium or burial site Directly to the crematorium or burial site
Time and date of Funeral mutually agreed (during normal working hours). Restricted days & time
For a cremation funeral: Cremation fee (at local rates). Minister or officiants fee
(as recommended by the Church of England stipend authority).
For a burial funeral: A generous contribution is included in the Plan.
This contribution increases with the Retail Price Index (RPI) for the Plan's duration.
Please see section 3 of your Personal Application Form for the current contribution level.
Special request: Personal wishes can be recorded within the Plan
(some special requests may incur an
additional charge and may not be covered by the price guarantee).
Establish Social Media website for tributes.
Payment Options Direct Cremation Essential Essential Plus Elite Exclusive
Single Payment £1900.00 £3150.00 £3495.00 £3850.00 £4395.00
12 Months Instalments (£250 deposit applies) £137.50 £241.61 £270.42 £300.00 £345.42
Cost Per Day £4.52 £7.95 £8.89 £9.86 £11.35

Bespoke Long Term Plans

Empathy UK Funeral Plans are able to offer flexible and long term payment options extending up to 15 years from less than £1 per day (instalment fee free if payment over a 12 month period). We can tailor a Payment Plan to suit you, you can pay a higher deposit for smaller instalments, make ‘top up’ payments or even take ‘payment holidays’ if you wish. Call our friendly staff on 0800 612 89 89 to find out more.

What is included in a standard Empathy UK Funeral Plan?

At Empathy UK all 5 of our different types of fixed price Plans all include the following as standard:-

  • Ensuring all your wishes are carried out
  • Arranging all necessary funeral preparations
  • One call 24/7 advisors to help
  • Removal of deceased to Funeral Directors premises
  • Preparation and care of the deceased as directed
  • Establishing a social media tribute website

What is not included in an Empathy UK Funeral Plan?

  • Medical certification fees: for deaths where a Coroners’ investigation is required, there are no medical certification fees. Also, changes to legislation in May 2015 mean there will no longer be a charge for a medical certification for any deaths registered in Scotland. Similar legal changes are being considered for the rest of the UK, so we do not include provision for these fees in the Plans. If the funeral takes place outside of Scotland, and a Coroner is not involved, then if applicable, the medical certification fees must be paid by the next of kin or funeral organiser.
  • Embalming, burial plot, memorial or headstone, flowers, catering/wake.
  • Costs for removing artificial limbs and mechanisms such as pacemakers.

This list is not exhaustive, so please refer to the Terms & Conditions for further information.

Also, think about what you may like to include to further personalise your funeral.

Everyone has their own ideas about the funeral they would like. After all, it’s a very personal decision. You may choose something simple and straight forward, or you might prefer a funeral with additional services and special touches.

With Empathy UK Funeral Plans you can choose from a range of additional services. The table below shows some of the typical services that are available. You can use this list to consider what you’d like to include.
  • A superior solid wood coffin (from £300)
  • A wicker coffin (from £200)
  • Provision of extra limousines for family and friends (from £200)
  • Establish a tribute website (Free)
  • Floral tributes (from £250)
  • After funeral catering (from £500)
  • Woodland burial (from £1000)
  • Funeral procession from home walking for first 200 metres (from £120)
  • Burial Plot (Prices generally start from £500+) (from £500)
  • Burial at sea (from £1950)
  • Headstone & Engraving (from £1800)
  • Memorial bench/tree etc (from £450)
  • Newspaper announcements (from £100)
  • Ashes scattered in space (from £995)
  • Create a diamond from ashes (from £450)
  • Celebration of life video (from £395)