The death of a loved one is a time of sorrow for the family members and friends. They become even more stressed out due to the efforts undertaken to arrange a decent funeral ceremony and the expenses incurred on it. Therefore, it is important to plan a pre-arranged funeral so that an external party can take of the different services that are to be performed in the funeral ceremony. This can be arranged by purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan which helps you to plan out the different activities that will be required for a decent funeral ceremony in advance. By purchasing such a plan, you can also lock in your expenses at the current date and avoid the escalation of costs of funeral in the future. We, at Empathy UK Funeral Plans, can assist you in advising and purchasing the most appropriate funeral plan which meets your requirements and budget. We are an established provider of fixed price, pre-paid Funeral Plans and have been helping our customers to arrange their funeral ceremony needs and removing the stress and financial burden from them at the time of most need.

The pre-arranged funeral plan allows you to take control of your funeral wishes in the manner you desire instead of being dependent on the multiple parties to carry out the funeral related activities. The amount paid for the purchase of pre-paid funeral plans are placed in an Independent Trust Fund, which is managed by a Fund Manager, who is regulated by the FCA and is overseen by Independent Trustees. You can therefore be assured that your funds are safe and will be available for your Funeral Plan to be paid for when required. To know more, you can contact our representatives and we will be more than happy to discuss the appropriate plan to meet your needs.

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