The death of a loved one leaves the family in sorrow. The family members grieve over this loss but still, they have to arrange a decent funeral for the deceased. If there is no funeral planning in place, carrying out the funeral can be very expensive. According to SunLife Cost of Dying Report, 2018, the average cost of a funeral in 2004 was £1,190 which has increased to £4,271 in 2018. This means that going forward, the funerals will be more expensive, and you would not want to leave this burden on your family. Therefore, it becomes imperative that you plan your funeral so that you can provide comfort to your family members at the time of loss that all the funeral related activities will be taken care of. This can be done by purchasing a prepaid funeral plan which provides you with the option of paying the cost of different funeral services such as funeral director’s services, cremation fees, provision of funeral staff, and other arrangements at today’s rate and protect you from the escalation in costs of funeral at a future date.

Some of the funeral service providers also assist you with creation of a social media legacy website, advice on registration of the death and related documentation, family support at the time of the funeral, provision of staff to attend to the coffin as required and transportation services, among others. However, you should be careful in selecting the service provider based on their past performance and integrity. At Empathy UK Prepaid Funeral Plan, we provide you with the comfort that all your funeral arrangements will be taken care of at one place so that you don’t have to meet different parties for different activities that have been envisaged at your funeral. To know more, you can contact our representative and we will be glad to assist you.

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