Public Health Funerals, Council Funded Funerals or “Paupers’ Funerals”, call them what you will but it is a position which few people would wish themselves to be in.  The figures for local authority spending on funerals for those who died without funds or provision was revealed recently to have been in excess of £5.4 million in 2018.  According to BBC News (2019):

“Local authorities are required by law to arrange a public health funeral when no suitable arrangements have been made for a deceased person in their area.

The services, known as a “pauper’s funeral”, typically include a coffin and the services of a funeral director.

Family and friends can attend but the “no frills” service does not include flowers or transport for family, and some council burials take place in an unmarked shared grave.”

Whilst this may highlight the turbulent and challenging economic climate we live in, it also suggests that making provisions for funeral arrangements as early as you can could be the way forwards.  A Pre-paid funeral plan allows you to fix costs at today’s prices, it also provides yourself and your family with peace of mind and security in times when these are so difficult to achieve.

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