Peace of Mind with a Funeral Plan

The Essential Plan | £3350

For a simple cremation or burial funeral with graveside or crematorium service where no personalisation options are needed.

Guaranteed services included in our Essential Funeral Plan.

  • Confidential advice and guidance on all aspects of the funeral.
  • Guidance on the registration of the death and collection of all necessary paperwork for the funeral to proceed.
  • Care and preparation of the deceased. 24 hour transport of the deceased to the nominated Funeral Director’s premises within a 25 mile radius, excluding ferry or air fares.
  • Basic coffin for cremation or burial.
  • Cremation fee fully covered
  • Flexible plans, if you move home your plan moves with you, at no extra cost.
  • Funeral Director, hearse and staff. Nationwide network of trusted Funeral Directors.
  • Time and date of funeral at the discretion of the Funeral Director.
  • Funeral procession from funeral home to the crematorium or burial site (fees and costs of a service at a separate location not included).
  • For a cremation funeral: Cremation fee (at local rates). Minister or officiants fee (as recommended by the Church of England stipend authority).
  • For a burial funeral: A generous contribution is included in the Plan. This contribution increases with the Retail Price Index (RPI) for the Plan’s duration.
  • FREE Will writing and storage.
  • Complimentary ‘Thank You’ cards and establish Social Media website for tributes.