Empathy UK: The Exclusive Funeral Plan

Empathy UK are one of the country’s fastest growing prepaid funeral plan providers. Empathy is at the core of business ethos and we aim to do our utmost to fulfil your every wish. As standard, all of Empathy UK’s funeral plans provide services to ensure that you get the send off that you and your family wish for. These standard services include consideration of whether you wish to be buried or cremated and all the essential services needed for a funeral. However, by offering five different options, we aim to cater to as many of your wishes as we can. Empathy UK’s Exclusive Funeral Plan is one of the most comprehensive on the market today. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at “The Exclusive Plan.”

Added Benefits of The Exclusive Funeral Plan

The Exclusive Plan from Empathy UK offers the choice between burial and cremation, which comes as standard with all our funeral plans, except the Direct Cremation Plan. However, with the Exclusive Plan, we provide a high-quality wood coffin, which would normally cost in the region of several hundred pounds. Secondly, with this plan, you have the option of nominating your own funeral director, to provide all the services included with the plan. This provides the added benefit of giving you the flexibility to arrange the date and time of the funeral with the funeral director. Thus, you can choose a time which is better suited to your loved ones and the mourners attending the funeral.

The Exclusive Plan also covers the costs for two limousines, a hearse and the funeral director’s staff will be fully covered. The vehicles will lead a procession from home, to the service location, then onto the cremation or burial site. Finally, the exclusive plan allows you to make additional requests and personalise your plan further.

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