Turn Ashes into a Diamond

Have A Memorial Diamond created using the ashes or hair of a loved one.

Deciding how and where to scatter a loved ones ashes can be a painful process. Having a keepsake of a loved one is proving more popular than ever and a piece of jewellery is the perfect way to keep someone close. The process involves selecting a diamond size and setting, sending the ashes off (usually around 2/3’s of a cup of ashes are required), and then the diamond takes 3 to 6 months to create. You are constantly kept up to date with the process.

For more information on this service please call our sales team on 0800 035 5729 or send us your enquiry at info@ and one of our UK based sales team will call you back and give you details including the price of the whole process and what’s involved.

Empathy UK Funeral Plans Customer Reviews

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  • Vaughan
    You can make your plans in advance. Everything is done for you
    Blackburn Rovers Fan
  • Mrs Dearn, Cheshire
    Very friendly staff, who went through everything with me. They were able to answer questions I had in a professional and clear manner. They always go the extra mile.
    Mrs Dearn, Cheshire
  • Mr Barrett, North Yorkshire
    When I spoke to the team, they were really helpful. Everything was explained clearly and concisely. I couldn’t fault the service and that’s why I took out the Plan.
    Mr Barrett, North Yorkshire
  • Mrs Murphy, West Midlands
    The customer service levels were phenomenal, they were completely understanding of my needs and everything that I asked for.
    Mrs Murphy, West Midlands