Woman Unable to Attend Gran’s Funeral Kills Herself

Heartbroken Abigail Hussey, 27, killed herself after she was unable to attend her gran’s funeral who died from Covid-19. An inquest heard that Abigail was unable to attend her gran’s funeral due to lockdown restrictions. Just two weeks after losing her grandmother to the novel coronavirus, Abigail sent a text message simply saying, “I’m sorry.” Shortly after sending the message, she sadly died on a busy motorway. Known to friends and family as Abby, the 27-year-old died after falling from a bridge on the M4 motorway near Swansea. She died in the early hours of May 12.

Her tragic death came after she was unable to travel to Kent, for her grandmother’s funeral, due to travel restrictions at the height of the first wave of the pandemic. In a letter written by Abby, that was found in her bedroom after her death, she expressed her wishes that she lived closer. She also wrote how she wanted to “give her a hug and tell her she loves her” in the letter. The inquest heard the testimony of PC Kira Davies, who stated that the police could not identify when the letter was written and did not consider it to be a suicide letter.

After sending various heart-rending text messages to her friends and an ex-partner, Abby made her way to the motorway bridge. Despite being hit by a car around half an hour after her fall, a coroner ruled her death to be suicide, after she had sustained fatal chest injuries resulting from the fall. The inquest also heard how Abby had suffered with her mental health. However, although she was referred for specialist treatment, it was delayed due to the pandemic.

Speaking after her death to The Sun Online, her father, Alan Hussey, said, “I’ll never know what was in her head at that time but I think her nan’s death just two weeks ago from the virus contributed to it. She was extremely upset and sad when nan died so suddenly.”

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